MMA fighters scrap in wheelchairs and exchange blows until one falls out of seat

A mixed martial arts fight between two fighters in wheelchairs saw the pair exchange heavy blows until one of them fell out of their seat.

Footage has emerged on social media of the bizarre bout between two fighters inside the cage at a recent event in Brazil, with the fighters trading blows for almost a minute. However, the fight comes to an abrupt halt when one fighter is sent tumbling out of his chair after being knocked sideways by a body shot from his opponent.

As the fight starts, the two mixed martial artists touch gloves after wheeling themselves into the centre of the Octagon.

They then immediately start throwing wild punches at each other whilst keeping one hand on their chairs to allow them to position themselves and move away from oncoming blows.

After a few seconds of the bout, the fighter in black gloves is able to force his opponent back towards the cage, even pushing him back using his wheelchair.

Once against the cage, the two fighters resume throwing wild punches, although they are barely able to land with any of their attempts.

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The fighter in red, who had been pinned up against the cage, is then able to land a telling strike to his opponent, sending him tumbling sideways with a punch to the body.

As a result of the fall, the fighter also falls out of his chair and is left sprawled on the floor, desperately trying to push their chair back upright and haul themselves into their seat to resume the bout. During their struggle, the referee steps in to prevent the other fighter from landing anymore strikes whilst they are on the floor.

MMA fans were quick to react to the bizarre fight on social media, with one tweeting: “I love combat sports but this is just f***ing ridiculous.” Whilst another added: "Seen it all now."

The fight in Brazil is the latest in a string of so-called freak show fights, which have been on the rise in international MMA promotions in recent months.

A recent Pop-MMA card in Russia even featured a one-armed fighter beating two opponents in the same fight in the latest unique bout hosted by the promotion.

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