Cavaliers’ plan to replace Ty Lue hits snag, as Larry Drew wants long-term commitment before assuming head coach role

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a bold move on Sunday morning, firing head coach Ty Lue after the team’s 0-6 start. It’s not only the Cavs’ worst start in 20-plus years, but the worst start in NBA history for a team coming off a Finals appearance. Still, it seems like strange timing, and players on the team are reportedly “pissed” about the decision.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s now more drama surrounding the decision. According to multiple reports, Larry Drew, the team’s choice to become interim head coach has reservations about taking on the role without a long-term commitment. 

This is an interesting situation, because both sides have a point. It’s understandable that Drew wouldn’t want to take over as interim head coach, a move that will likely lead to his firing at the end of the season. But for the Cavs, it’s hard to commit to Drew long-term without seeing what he does with the roster. Especially considering that Drew hasn’t exactly been a successful head coach in his previous stops. 

Most disappointing about this, though, is it’s just another moment of unnecessary drama and dysfunction in Cleveland. No one — from ownership, to the front office, to the coaching staff and the players — seems on the same page there. And while they obviously need to find a lot of talent, solving the chemistry issues throughout the organization is the first issue they need to figure out. 

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