UFC veteran SLAMS talk of retirement despite four-fight losing streak

‘I don’t give a f*** about the naysayers… I’ll walk away when I want to’: Donald Cerrone, 37, SLAMS talk of retirement despite the veteran – who has had the MOST wins in UFC history – heading into Niko Price clash on a four-fight losing streak

  • UFC veteran Donald Cerrone has insisted he has not thoughts of retiring 
  • The 37-year-old is on a four-fight losing streak and faces Niko Price on Saturday
  • A passionate Cerrone explosively ruled out retiring ahead of his 36th UFC fight
  • He said: ‘Hell no I’ve not thought about it. I plan on being here for a long time’

UFC veteran Donald Cerrone has shot down talk of retirement in explosive fashion by insisting he doesn’t ‘give a f*** about the naysayers’ despite his concerning four-fight losing streak.

The 37-year-old returns to the octagon again this weekend for a welterweight clash with Niko Price on the back of the worst run of his distinguished fighting career.

Cerrone suffered successive knockout defeats against Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje last year before being demolished by Conor McGregor in just 40 seconds back in January. 

37-year-old Donald Cerrone has slammed talk of retirement despite his four-fight losing streak

A defeat against Anthony Pettis last time out generated questions about Cerrone’s future in the sport, but the American stood defiant on the subject as he faced the media ahead of Saturday’s dust up.

When asked if he had thought about retirement, Cerrone – who holds the record for most bouts and wins in UFC history – fired back: ‘Hell no. No. Not even in my train of thought. Wrong question.

‘I’ve trained my a*** off, I’m ready to rock and roll. I’m planning on being here for a long time.

Conor McGregor obliterated the 37-year-old inside 40 seconds in his comeback fight

Cerrone was defeated in his last fight against Anthony Pettis in May earlier this year



Fights: 51

Wins: 36

Defeats: 15


Fights: 35

Wins: 23

Defeats: 12   

‘I’m going to leave when I’m done. I don’t ever want the walking papers.

‘When “Cowboy” is done fighting, I’m going to bend my hat and I’m going to say, “All right boys, I’ve had enough. I’m out.”

‘I don’t ever want to have them call my manager and release me, that would totally suck.

‘I’m going to keep fighting my a*** off.’

A passionate Cerrone continued: ‘All the naysayers, all those people who say, ‘”You’ve lost four in a row, you don’t belong you should be retired” – I don’t give a f***.

‘I don’t care if I need to prove anything, I don’t need to prove something.

‘This one’s just for me. I get to look myself in the mirror Saturday morning and go like, “Let’s go, baby. This is for you.”

‘I get to have all the fun I want with no expectations, no must-wins, no must-dos. No nothing.

‘Just fight my fight and do what I do and love every second of it and have fun and enjoy it.

‘That’s how I’m going to be victorious no matter how the fight goes for me. There’s no wrong way this fight can go.’

‘Cowboy’ Cerrone has the most fights in UFC history – but isn’t ready to walk away just yet

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