UFC launch legal action against 'PFC': The 'Pillow Fight Championship'

UFC launch legal action against ‘PFC’: The ‘Pillow Fight Championship’ over their ‘confusing’ logo, as bizarre new ring-fighting sport takes off with models, influencers and MMA fighters

  • PFC CEO Steve Williams described the UFC’s recent legal action as ‘ridiculous’
  • UFC veterans Istela Nunes and Markus Perez have taken part in PFC fights
  • The fonts used for both logos are similar, with PFC now changing their colouring 

The UFC has sought legal action against the newly-formed Pillow Fight Championship (PFC), amid concerns over similarities in the two brands’ logos. 

Pillow fighting might not sound like much of a threat to the billion-dollar company that is Dana White’s UFC, but the new sport is picking up traction. 

Typical bouts see combatants from a range of backgrounds – largely influencers and models – there have also been some MMA fighters take to the ring, pillow in hand. 

UFC veterans Istela Nunes, Marcus Brimage and Markus Perez have also taken part, and with ESPN now broadcasting encounters, the PFC is making its mark on the television industry now, too. 

UFC’s complaint stems from a similarity in the two companies’ fonts and logos, with the PFC so far in disagreement that the likeness is enough to cause enough confusion to merit a case. 

The PFC pits combatants armed with pillows against one another in three 90-second rounds

The PFC has drawn fighters from various backgrounds – from influencers and models to MMA fighters (pictured: German MMA fighter Julia Dorny)

Dana White’s UFC has sought legal action against the Pillow Fight Championship over similarities between their logos

The better-known, octagon-based franchise uses a simple logo with the letters ‘UFC’ in bright red as it’s emblem. 

However, PFC’s branding saw similarly-coloured lettering of ‘PFC’ above the words ‘Pillow Fight Championship’ written out in full. 

Despite their disagreement over any potential validity to UFC’s claims, PFC have since changed their lettering to a more orange colour in a bid to negate any confusion. 

Steve Williams, CEO of PFC, was not impressed by the MMA titans’ argument, telling the New York Post: ‘It’s ridiculous. Out of the 100 million comments nobody ever said anything.’

And when asked whether he would take on White in a pillow fight, he added: ‘Yes I’d definitely like to get Dana in the ring. 

‘He’s a decade younger and spent his entire life around MMA fighters but I’m 100 per cent sure that I’d stomp his skinny a** in the first round.’

In the PFC, fighters are armed with six-strapped pillows that must be held onto at all times, as rivals battle it out over three 90-second rounds, seeking to score points for strikes to the head, 360 strikes, and by knocking their opponent to the floor. 

The franchise’s website details the interesting rules for the sport, stipulating that they may not hold their free arm directly in front of them, must not crowd each other, and must not remain still for more than three seconds. 

The two logos use similar fonts, although the PFC has since changed from red to orange

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