Facing Conor McGregor over a title shot is a no-brainer, says Poirier

‘Money is more important – I have mouths to feed’: Dustin Poirier admits choosing a lucrative trilogy fight with Conor McGregor over UFC title shot is a no-brainer, saying he’ll make ‘five to ten times’ more fighting the Irishman

  • Dustin Poirier will receive a portion of the pay-per-view buys for UFC 264
  • The event is set to be one of the most purchased PPV’s in the history of MMA
  • Poirier backs himself to beat Conor McGregor again and then fight for the title 
  • The winner is set to face lightweight champion Charles Oliveira for the belt

Dustin Poirier has revealed that he rejected the opportunity to fight for the UFC lightweight title in order to have a lucrative trilogy bout with Conor McGregor.

The pair will step into the octagon on July 10 at UFC 264, with the winner set to take on new champion Charles Oliveira for the title.  

However, Poirier admitted it could’ve been him instead of Michael Chandler at UFC 262 challenging for the then vacant belt which Oliveira won. Instead the 32-year-old chose to fight McGregor again after defeating the Irishman in their second fight in January. 

Dustin Poirier (right) defeated Conor McGregor (left) in their second fight earlier this year

Poirier turned down the chance to fight for the title to have a trilogy bout with McGregor

‘Money is more important – I have mouths to feed’ Poirier replied when asked if the finances of his showdown with McGregor were more important than fighting for the title.

‘I made the decision pretty easily, if I am the best in the world then I’m going to beat Conor and fight for the belt, it’s like doubling down on yourself. I’m a gambling man and I believe in my skills in fighting, I just doubled down and that’s all it was.’

Poirier explained that after defeating McGregor in their last fight he will receive a portion of the pay-per-view revenue for next weekend’s event. 

UFC 264 is anticipated to be one of the most purchased PPV events in mixed martial arts history and Poirier believes he could make as much as ten times more than if he accepted the title shot against Oliveira. 

Poirier prioritised money for his family over the opportunity to fight for the lightweight title 

‘Me fighting for the belt, I wouldn’t have got pay-per-view, I would have got a base salary of not even one third of my base salary for this fight, it just doesn’t make sense because I’m a prize fighter.

‘I don’t want to put the UFC on blast, or put their numbers or the way we do deals out and make a big deal of it – but if I’m making five to ten times the amount of money to fight Conor again, I’m a father, a husband, I have priorities.

‘I wouldn’t have got pay-per-view for the title fight, Conor fight I had pay-per-view points built in, there’s no question.  

‘I’m fighting a little bit more free, I can just go out there and fight, whatever happens tonight you can just perform your best and I think that helps me.’ 

McGregor won their first fight, easily beating Poirier inside the first round of the contest

McGregor won their first encounter at UFC 178 after engaging in mental warfare and constant insults towards Poirier, who even admitted he had ‘never disliked an opponent more’ however being emotionally involved left him open to Irishman shots and he was easily dispatched in the first round.

However, their rematch earlier this year saw both fighters engage in a more friendly/respectful approach and Poirier avenged his defeat with a second round KO of McGregor. The first knockout loss of his MMA career. 

Its unclear which McGregor fans can expect ahead of their third fight but Poirier insists that he won’t let the Irishman’s infamous mind games affect him. 

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