World Series: David Price prepared for his dominant Game 5 start by playing ‘Fortnite’

Nothing will keep David Price from “Fortnite” — not even the pressure of the most daunting start of his life.

After finding out that he would be getting the ball in Game 5 of the World Series with a chance to clinch the title, Price didn’t freak out. Even having pitched twice already in the series and operating on three days rest, Price approached the Game 5 start like business as usual — which is to say he prepared by hopping on the sticks for his favorite video games.

Price revealed that he played “Fortnite” with fellow Red Sox pitcher (and fellow World Series workhorse) Nathan Eovaldi prior to saddling up for the start that effectively erased the narrative that he’s not the same pitcher when he takes the mound for big games. 

Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan detailed exactly how Price approached the aftermath of receiving word from Red Sox manager Alex Cora that he would be getting the call on Sunday night.

Price was surprised. Like everyone else, he assumed Sale was starting. It didn’t faze him. Immediately, Price went into preparation mode. He grabbed dinner, put on his headphones and ate in the office of Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick. Back at the hotel, he hopped on his Xbox, opened Fortnite and teamed with Eovaldi for a few games of duos. This is their custom, with Eovaldi dropping into the war zone of Tilted Towers, Price preferring the safer terrain of Wailing Woods, both keen to forget baseball for a few hours at a time. Even after Game 3, following his herculean six-inning relief effort, Eovaldi said Price “wanted me to get on, but I was a little tired. So I got on that next morning, and we got a couple dubs.”

Price’s love affair with “Fortnite” has been well-documented throughout this season. The popular video game may have led to a carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis in May, costing him a scheduled start. The game was never confirmed as the root of the issue, but Price did say he’d stop playing it at the ballpark because the diagnosis became a “distraction.” He later joked that he’d attempt to use the game as a way to avoid pitching in the All-Star Game

Boston fans have had a hot-and-cold relationship with Price ever since he signed a $217 million contract with the Sox in 2015, but his impressive performance in the World Series will certainly help bury any negative sentiments toward the veteran left-hander. He was a monster against the Dodgers, touting a 1.98 ERA over 13.2 innings in three appearances — including a brilliant seven innings that earned him a win (and a ring) in Game 5. 

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