Royals’ pitcher Danny Duffy changes jersey number to honor late teammate

Kansas City Royals' starting pitcher Danny Duffy will change his jersey number from 41 to 30 to honor former teammate Yordano Ventura, who was killed in a motor accident in 2017.

Duffy and Ventura were part of the Royals' 2015 World Series team, and were teammates from 2013-2016 before Ventura's death on Jan. 22, 2017 in his home country of the Dominican Republic.

Ventura's No. 30 jersey has not been worn by any other Royal player since his death, but "with the blessing of Yordano's mother, Marisol, plus former and current teammates," the number will now belong to Duffy.

With the blessing of Yordano’s mother, Marisol, plus former and current teammates, Duffman will wear No. 30 to honor his friend.

Following Ventura's death in Jan. 2017, Duffy began sending Marisol Hernández in the Dominican Republican memorabilia of her late son, according to The Kansas City Star. Duffy has spent his entire 10-year career with Kansas City and had worn No. 41 since 2013.

Newly-acquired Carlos Santana will wear Duffy's old number, as he has worn a No. 41 jersey since his major league debut in 2010.

In four seasons with the Royals, Ventura went 38-31 with a 3.89 ERA. The Royals wore 'ACE30' patches during the 2017 in remembrance of Ventura.

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