Mets manager search: Five (and a half) candidates who could replace Carlos Beltran as skipper in Queens

In the words of Ron Burgundy, that escalated quickly. Like, that really got out of hand.

Carlos Beltran is out of a job, somewhat surprisingly, following the Astros’ sign-stealing ordeal, and he hadn’t managed a single game as a rookie manager with the Mets.

Whatever the case, New York is looking for a new skipper. Here are some candidates they could consider:

Eduardo Perez

Perez was a surprising candidate for the job during the initial search, and he reportedly was in contention until the end. Early reports now are that he — and the next person on this list — are back in the running for the gig.

Perez, who’s currently an analyst for ESPN, has minimal managerial experience, but the Mets are hoping that his ability to communicate and relate to players is on par with that of Yankees manager (and former ESPN colleague) Aaron Boone. He’s also considered a forward thinker, so the analytics side of the job should come easily to him.

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Hensley Meulens

Meulens was the longtime bench coach for the recently retired Bruce Bochy with the Giants, and some thought he would get the opportunity to be the next manager in San Francisco, but that turned out not to be the case.

Muelens, currently the Mets’ bench coach, would probably get a long look to replace Beltran. At some point, he will get a managing job; what better time than now with the Mets? He would be running to quite an unorthodox situation, but by all accounts, he’s a well-respected baseball man. It seems fair to give him a one-year trial, at minimum, and see if he has the mettle to handle New York.

Terry Collins

Collins, famed for being in a video you may have seen, is under contract with the Mets as a special adviser.

Oh, and he also managed them to their first World Series appearance since 2000 and dealt with a fair share of controversies while at the helm.

Collins is 70, so youth isn’t on his side, but this season is going to be an aberration for the Mets. Perhaps Collins can be a quick-fix Band-Aid for the organization, or maybe he’s just loving the semi-retired life too much to grab a seat back in the dugout.

Early reports are that Collins isn’t going to be a candidate, but time will tell.

Dusty Baker

Baker has knocked on the door with talented teams in the past: he took the Giants, Cubs, Reds and Nationals to the playoffs. He’s seen around the sport as a stablizing force who can provide immediate legitimacy. Baker has 10 seasons of 90 or more wins as a manager and has been to a Game 7 of the World Series (2002, Giants). 

Baker doesn’t get a lot of credit for being a great manager, for whatever reason, but he would be an intriguing plug-and-play option if his name winds up on the table.

Buck Showalter

Much like Baker, Showalter has led lots of talented teams but, for whatever reason, never been to the promised land. He’s known as a program builder who turns teams into winners; the Yankees, Diamondbacks, Rangers and Orioles all became contenders early in his tenures with them.

Showalter interviewed to fill the Astros’ vacancy, so the Mets would have to step on it if the interest is there. 

David Wright

Eh, maybe not. It’s probably best to leave the memories alone.

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