Ke’Bryan Hayes had a home run called back for missing first base

Ke’Bryan Hayes homered off Walker Buehler in the first inning of Tuesday’s Los Angeles Dodgers-Pittsburgh Pirates game, giving the Pirates a 1-0 lead against one of the toughest opponents in the league.

Only he didn’t.

See, when Hayes made contact, the home run wasn’t quite a no-doubter, so he was sprinting to first while watching the flight of the ball. That combination of factors may have contributed to Hayes missing first base — which the Dodgers noticed. They won their appeal, and instead of a 1-0 lead, the Pirates were left with an 0-0 tie and an out.

After that whole Javy Baez fiasco, it’s been a bit of an embarrassing stretch for Pirates baseball.Good news for the future, though: Hayes is a top prospect who is absolutely raking between this season and last year’s .376/.442/.682 mark in 24 games, so this is likely just a blip in what promises to be a great career.

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