Dodgers’ Rich Hill responds to Donald Trump’s tweet criticizing Dave Roberts

A day after the Los Angeles Dodgers lost Game 4 of the World Series, starter Rich Hill denounced President Trump's critical tweet questioning the Dodgers' strategy. 

He said Trump should be more concerned with Saturday's shooting rampage at a Pittsburgh synagogue rather than decisions made by Dodgers manager Dave Roberts.

“There was a mass shooting yesterday," he told reporters. "The focus, in my opinion, of the president is to be on the country, and not on moves that are made in a World Series game.”

Trump was scorned for tweeting about the World Series hours after the synagogue massacre, and he was accused of insensitivity.

“Watching the Dodgers/Red Sox final innings,’’ Trump tweeted. “It is amazing how a manager takes out a pitcher who is loose & dominating through almost 7 innings, Rich Hill of Dodgers, and brings in nervous reliever(s) who get shellacked. 4 run lead gone. Managers do it all the time, big mistake!’’

Hill, 38, pitched six innings of one-hit ball before Roberts went to his bullpen.

The Dodgers lost to the Boston Red Sox, 9-6, after having a 4-0 lead in the sixth inning. Roberts’ decision to use reliever Ryan Madson in the seventh ignited the Red Sox rally.

Said Roberts after the game when informed of Trump's criticism: "I'm happy he was tuning in and watching the game. I don't know how many Dodger games he's watched. I don't think he is privy to the conversation. That's one man's opinion."

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