A's Pitcher Mike Fiers Was Dared To Shave His Beard Into A G-Shape

Mike Fiers pitched 1.2 innings for the Athletics in their 8-6 win over the Rangers on Saturday. He struck out one batter, walked another, and gave up three earned runs. Also of note: he shaved his facial hair into a G-shape before the game.

Fiers said after the game that this happened as a result of a dare from his teammates, who wanted something to distract them from the monotony of September baseball—I guess they feel confident holding onto the top Wild Card spot. The players found a design they liked after searching “funny beards” online, and, soon enough, it was on Fiers’s face.

Sadly, this facial hairstyle would not be long for this world, as the pitcher left the game in the second inning because of an arm injury.

“I got hurt,” Fiers told reporters. “I can’t continue that. Just had to shave that off.”

Thus continues the trend of ballplayers being incredibly superstitious about the kind of facial hair they employ.

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