2022 MLB Mock Draft 2.0: There’s a new name in the mix for the No. 1 overall pick

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  • Kiley McDaniel covers MLB prospects, the MLB Draft and more, including trades and free agency.
  • Has worked for four MLB teams.

The 2022 MLB draft is just under three weeks away, and it’s time for my second mock draft projecting the first 40-plus picks of this year’s event.

The draft will take place July 17-19 in Los Angeles, and we’re still approximately two weeks away from when agents start to know whether their players are definitely in or out at certain picks — not to mention at what signing bonus. That said, these camps know where the interest lies, scouts have noticed which teams have lined up at certain games and teams have done all of their information gathering now.

In order to break down the various scenarios and explain how one decision impacts the others, I’ve used percentage odds for each team’s potential choices with the top picks. This also serves to tell you how confident I am in each projection, what could change the choice, and the spots where I’m just not sure what’s going to happen right now.

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