LOOK: PGA Senior Tour pros attempt to do ‘Fortnite’ dances, achieve varying levels of success

Someone in charge of the PGA Tour Champions social media account recently had the wonderful idea of making some elder statesmen of the game take a crack at dances that can be found in “Fortnite.” This was a good idea, as evidenced by the results documented on video.

I’d be willing to bet that most of these fellas have never actually played the popular video game or attempted these wacky dances before, which explains the general sense of confusion, bewilderment and tentativeness exuding from this video.

We have some familiar names giving the challenge a try, including Bernhard Langer, Tim Petrovic, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Kevin Sutherland and more. 

The obvious losers of this challenge were Kevin Sutherland, who reached the Boss Level of dad dancing with this display…

…and Tom Lehman, who was doing some sort of slow-motion ghoul walk. Hey Tom, Halloween was last week, pal!

via Gfycat

But the clear winner was Miguel Angel Jimenez, who delivered not one, but two glorious displays of Old Man Swag.

via Gfycat

I mean, he just completely went off on his own at the end there. What a legend. 

In other news, the PGA Senior Tour will now rebrand as the PGA How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Tour.

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