‘We’ll just walk away’: Huni camp’s threat over $5k glove dispute

Two weeks out from the highly anticipated fight between Paul Gallen and Justis Huni, the battle has well and truly begun between the camps.

The latest has seen the Huni camp threaten to walk away from the fight over a glove dispute with Gallen wanting to use foam padded Everlast Powerlock gloves and Huni team pushing for horsehair Adidas gloves.

Horsehair gloves are seen as a puncher’s glove as the boxers’ knuckle wraps can be felt through the hybrid foam and horsehair stuffing.

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In NSW, both fighters need to have the same brand, style and quality of gloves.

While Huni is the Australian heavyweight titleholder, Gallen as a rugby league legend and former NSW captain, is bringing the eyes to the fight.

Huni’s father and trainer Rocki told news.com.au that Adidas had offered $10,000 to wear their brand of gloves, meaning each party would get $5000 each.

But the Huni camp said that Gallen’s team were asking for $20,000 to wear the Adidas gloves.

Gallen wearing the Everlast’s after his KO of Lucas Browne.Source:Getty Images

Rocki said that he would be fine to use the Everlast Powerlock gloves Gallen has worn in fights throughout his career as long as the Huni camp could earn the same money they stand to earn from the Adidas deal.

“He’s earning a lion’s share of the pie here, he talks about it’s not all about the money, well, throw us a few crumbs or we’ll just walk away from this fight and deal with it after the Olympics,” Rocki said.

“At the end of the day, I’d rather just focus on the Olympics anyway so that’s where we’re sitting at the moment. I’m just waiting to hear something back from their camp about what we’re going to do.”

Rocki said he wasn’t used to the antics that come with higher profile fights, drawn into a war of words yesterday after he reportedly told Lonergan he was “sick of donkeys. I want to fight real fighters” when asked if he’d be keen for a Sonny Bill Williams or Barry Hall match up after the Olympics.

Gallen then fired back on radio last night.

“They want to take everything and basically give us nothing,” Rocki said. “I get that he’s the one bringing all the bums on seats and getting Justis’ name out there which I really do appreciate. But at the end of the day, there has to be a little bit of give, not just take.

“I’m hoping Dean can sort something out, otherwise we’ll just go back to what we were doing and talk about the fight after the Olympics. But I can assure you, if Justis goes over there and medals, and happens to get a gold, there’s no way we’ll be looking at Gallen to fight when we get back.”

Huni’s team has threatened to turn his focus to the Olympics.Source:Getty Images

But Gallen and his team have fired back at the move and refused to budge.

Gallen’s trainer Pete Mitrevski told WWOS that he rejected any talk of switching for the fight and that they had already ordered the Everlast gloves from America.

Gallen claimed the pair had a handshake deal over using the Everlast Powerlock gloves.

“That was the agreement from the start to have the Everlast Powerlock gloves,” Gallen told news.com.au.

“And then yesterday or the day before, I got a phone call saying ‘if we give you five grand, can we wear the Adidas gloves’. And I said ‘no, I’m with Everlast. I’ve had a relationship with Everlast for a long time, five grand isn’t going to cover that relationship’.”

As for the argument around Gallen getting the lion’s share of the fight split — reportedly 85-15 in the rugby league legend turned prize fighter’s favour — Gallen said “I’m getting such a large percentage because no one knows who this bloke is”.

Gallen said he’s the drawcard with the Australian heavyweight titleholder.Source:Getty Images

Gallen said he’d been with Everlast for a decade, adding “I’m not going to burn bridges for $5000” and said he didn’t believe they’d shut down the fight over $5,000.

He added that it’s the latest in a long line of changes Huni’s camp has tried to sneak through.

“Let’s go back to a few things that have happened since this deal got agreed to,” Gallen began.

“The deal was agreed that we’d fight in Sydney. Dean tried to change to Brisbane. I said ‘Dean, we had an agreement, leave the fight in Sydney’.

“He then tried to pull a swiftie and have Justis as the main centrepiece of the poster. I said ‘Dean, come on, let’s not be stupid, no one knows who Justis is, you put a poster up of him front and centre on TV, people will be like ‘who is that’. What’s the poster now? Me front and centre.

“The agreement that me and Dean shook hands on … The only thing he’s got is that we never put it in the paperwork because I signed the paperwork 30 seconds before the press conference. He knows we’ve got a handshake deal to wear Everlast Powerlock, always. That’ll come back. Dean’s a man of his word which I have found so far, that although he pulls swifties, once I say to him he agreed, I think common sense will prevail and he’ll know what was said and I think we’ll wear the Everlast Powerlocks. Or they can pay me more money to wear the Adidas ones.”

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