Mike Tyson chows down on magic mushrooms while on Logan Paul’s podcast

Mike Tyson ate a handful of mushrooms and smoked a joint while on Logan Paul’s podcast.

The boxing legend was his usual enthusiastic self throughout the recording, and he laughed in the face of his host when giving his thoughts on his upcoming exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The 54-year-old was offered four grams of magic mushrooms at the beginning of the show by co-host Mike Majlak and he decided to cram them all in at once before offering a review.

Tyson said that they “help me be a better me” before calling for them to be made legal in 2021.

Tyson then added: “This is nothing. It makes you pretty objective.

“You're really pretty objective to what's going on. Mushrooms tell you you're nothing.

"You look at the ground, it's moving. You look at the plants and trees, they're doing something."

"Mushrooms are going to make you beautiful and feel good and all that stuff.”

Tyson, who made his return to the ring in a draw against Roy Jones Jr. last month, also gave his thoughts on Logan’s upcoming bout against undefeated boxer Mayweather.

He said: "Let me tell you something about Floyd – this is what I don't like about him either.

"Whatever you say about him, he's in that gym. He retired but he stayed in the gym, he can't help it. That's his heroin – the gym.

"He might let you hit him a couple of times to make the show look good.

“You're a man, you're not f*****g charity. There's always a danger when you go in the ring. Anything can happen.

"Floyd is going to beat [Paul's] f*****g ass. He's one of the best. How can you not be an a*e when you're that great? [But] there's only one step from the limo to the gutter."

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