Mayweather vs Paul is the ultimate mismatch in almost every way

The ultimate mismatch: Floyd Mayweather retired after a perfect 50-0 career as the greatest boxer of his generation and banked $1BILLION in prize money… Logan Paul only has one pro fight and lost to a fellow YouTuber

  • Floyd Mayweather is not a man to turn down an easy, bumper payday at any time
  • His eyes must have lit up at the prospect of fighting YouTuber, Logan Paul 
  • Saturday’s bizarre clash is one of the biggest mismatches in sporting history
  • Paul is the larger man but in boxing terms, is not fit to lace Mayweather’s gloves  

To call Saturday’s box office event between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul a ‘mismatch’, would be a gross understatement.

Arguably the greatest boxer of all time, even at the ripe old age of 44, will be fighting a YouTuber, who despite his size advantage, is not fit to lace the American’s gloves. 

But ‘Money’ has never been one to pass up a chance to boost his bank balance. His eyes must have rolled with dollar signs when this strange extravaganza was presented to him. 

Floyd Mayweather (left) will take on Logan Paul (right) in a ludicrous mismatch 

A circus, freak show, cash grab? This event has been labelled all of the above but what most agree on is that it will be competitive sport in the same way that big game hunting with high-powered guns is ‘sport’.

Mayweather has fought mixed-martial-arts stars and toyed around with exhibitions but those opponents were at least professional combat sports athletes. 

Now he’s taking on essentially a white collar boxer who believes he can deliver what he calls the biggest upset in history.

So how big a gulf in class and experience is there, what is Paul doing to negate it and how do both pugilists compare? 

Paul comes into the Mayweather with only one pro fight, which he lost, to his name

Boxing career so far 

Mayweather is one of the few boxers to have retired professionally with a perfect record. 

He hung up the gloves at 49-0 before taking the extra step to 50 with the most lucrative fight in history – a victory over UFC star Conor McGregor in their cross-over clash in 2017. 

The American did not always set the world alight with his defensive mastery but it proved incredibly effective and bamboozled all comers. 

He was always earmarked for a successful career after winning bronze at the 1996 Olympics and transitioned to the pro ranks without a hitch. 

Mayweather, pictured here beating Ricky Hatton, retired as a pro with a record of 50-0 

Mayweather cleaned up, winning 15 world championship titles and was the lineal champion in four different weight classes. 

He also fought some of the top contenders of the era, beating the likes of Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Marcos Maidana, Zab Judah, Arturo Gatti and of course Manny Pacquiao. 

Mayweather’s long and illustrious career at the top of his game is in stark contrast to that of Paul. In 2018, British YouTuber, KSI (Olajide William Olatunji), challenged Paul to a boxing match. 

Both men have a massive online following and recognised that his was a straightforward way to cash in. It took place in Manchester Arena and finished as a majority draw. 

They then had a rematch in Los Angeles in what was a professionally sanctioned fight with KSI winning this one by split decision. 

So Mayweather a 50-0 pro, won all of his fights many against the world’s best while Saturday’s opponent has fought once professionally against a fellow YouTuber, and lost.  

Paul drew his first fight with KSI (left) as an amateur and lost the rematch as a pro 


Mayweather changed his persona from ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ to ‘Money’ and fully lived up to the moniker. 

He is the highest-earning boxer of all time. Forbes previously reported that the American has made one billion dollars in prize money alone and that’s without all the sponsorship deals, endorsements and diverse business portfolio. 

Mayweather’s biggest payday came against McGregor where he banked $200m (£141m) and he will expect to be raking it in again from Saturday’s pay-per-view, which costs fans in the US $35 and the UK £16.95. 

In Paul’s first fight with KSI, there were estimates of between £20-40m bandied around but both men dismissed those as overblown. 

The second fight, as a professional this time, guaranteed Paul a purse of £635,000 but he is likely to have taken home much more than that, although the final amount has never been confirmed.  

Mayweather has cashed in more than anyone in boxing, taking home £141million for fighting against Conor McGregor in their massive 2017 crossover contest  

Biggest fight 

Mayweather’s most lucrative fight was the aforementioned cross-over clash with McGregor. 

But the fight of most significance to the American’s legacy was his monster showdown with Pacquiao. 

The world had been waiting so long for two of the sport’s greats to go toe-to-toe and while both men were past their prime, it was still hugely anticipated. 

Marketed as ‘the fight of the century’, there was no playing down the significance of the 2015 Las Vegas blockbuster. 

It was a joint HBO and Showtime production and the fight proved to be the highest selling pay-per-view ever at the time with 4.6million buys. 

Mayweather secured victory in the ‘fight of the century’ against Manny Pacquiao in 2015

The bout itself was an underwhelming one and Pacquiao re-injured his shoulder in the fourth round. 

The Filipino legend struggled to land clean punches and failed to find a way through the defensive magician opposite him. 

Mayweather could not have cared less, adding another win to his record and indelible mark on his legacy. 

Paul’s biggest professional fight was his only one as a professional, the rematch defeat by KSI. No doubt the experience of having performed in front of thousands of people will help him settle the nerves on Saturday, but that’s about all it will do.  

Mayweather’s gym is infamous and they call it the ‘dog house’. Brutal sparring sessions are legendary with ‘Money’ and everyone else cramming around the ropes to watch a good old fashioned tear up. 

It is a school of hard knocks where respect has to be earned through blood and sweat. 

Of course, Mayweather himself has honed his craft from childhood. His father claimed he even trained him ‘in the crib’ as a baby and was ‘throwing jabs’ before he could walk.

And he is renowned for having a ferocious appetite for work. Former sparring partner Denis Douglas told the Sun: ‘Everything he does is different, he does his own thing.

Mayweather, pictured here with blood on his gloves and body, is renowned for hard training

‘Floyd would go out to the club, finish at three o’clock in the morning and then go and train.

‘That was regular. It sounds crazy to the world but the man does what he wants, but he stays focused. He’s just on a whole different level.

‘He’s a real workaholic. Nobody works harder than him. He’ll do training sessions lasting hours, go into the locker rooms, talks some s*** and then after that he’ll run like six miles.

‘He trains some crazy times. I’m not sparring with him but we’d get a call in the middle of the night and he’ll say “Get to the gym, we’re working out”.

Paul is no stranger to hard work and played high school American football. He’s also been striving to level up his skills by setting up training camp in Puerto Rico.

A post shared by Logan Paul (@loganpaul)

He has been sparring at Team La Perla gym and trying to upgrade his ability. A coach, Lucas Ruiz, who oversaw the sessions offered a scathing verdict, saying: ‘I would describe him as complicated, he’s a complicated fighter, but I wouldn’t say he’s a good fighter or a great fighter, just complicated.

‘He can bring some trouble to somebody who doesn’t have that much experience, but definitely he’s not bringing any challenge to Mayweather.

‘That’s not even a question. Logan has a very basic style, he throws the jab, throws his jab, and try to put his right hand in there.’

Clearly there is no substitute for a lifetime of work and Paul will have to cling to the hope that his youth and size will be a leveller.  


Paul was well known with a younger audience after developing a following with his YouTube channel, centred mostly around pranks. 

But he first truly entered wider public consciousness after a controversial and hugely distasteful video in Japan. 

The clip showed him in Aokigahara, Japan, known as ‘suicide forest’. Paul depicted the recently deceased corpse of a man who had died by hanging himself. 

Paul’s video of corpse and his group’s reactions to it were lambasted by celebrities and politicians. 

He subsequently issued a written and video apology and removed the video. 

Paul was widely criticised for a video of himself reacting to finding a corpse in a forest 

In 2018 he was temporarily suspended from YouTube for a number of incidents including removing a fish from his pond to ‘jokingly give it CPR’ and using a taser on two dead rats. 

Of course, Mayweather is no stranger to controversy either. In 2002, he was given a six-month suspended sentence and ordered to complete 48 hours of community service after being charged with two counts of domestic violence and one count of misdemeanour battery. 

Three years later, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour battery charge after hitting and kicking a bouncer for which he was given a 90-day suspended jail sentence. Then in 2011, he reached a deal when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanour battery of former girlfriend Josie Harris. 

He was also criticised for using homophobic language in the lead-up to the McGregor fight when accusing the Irishman of racism.  

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