Mayweather offers $100k reward to find valuables after Las Vegas house burgled

Floyd Mayweather has offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who helps find the burglars who robbed his Las Vegas home.

The undefeated boxer confirmed that "belongings of substantial value" had been taken just days after he completed an exhibition bout with YouTube star Jake Paul.

Mayweather earned a staggering $65m for the bout and is ready to offer a six-figure sum to anyone who can assist.

He wrote on social media: “One’s home is there a sanctuary, place of peace, relaxation and comfort. When someone violates that sanctuary, it is disturbing and hurtful.

“One of my homes was burglarized in Las Vegas. They stole many valuable handbags and other belongings of substantial value.

"I am offering at least $100,000 reward for information that leads to the return of my belongings.

"The level of disrespect and greed it takes for someone to do this is unfathomable. Thank you to anyone who comes forward with any information. God bless."

Mayweather's Vegas mansion is believed to be worth around $8m and is home to his fleet of luxury cars.

The 50-0 boxer has also flaunted his watches and other items over the years.

Now 44-years-old he has admitted that his recent fight was largely a money making exercise which he referred to as "legalised bank robbery".

"I believe in working smarter, not harder. So if it’s something easy like [the Paul fight], a legalised bank robbery, I've got to do it. I have to do it,” he said before the fight.

"My nickname is ‘Money’ for a reason… I worked extremely hard for years and years to get to a certain level. A level where we can start calling everything an event."

And following the final bell he added: “They say, ‘It’s not all about the money.’ Well, your kids can’t eat legacy. The patches on my trunks, [earned me] $30 million alone.

"So who’s really the smartest one in the sport of boxing? When it comes to legalised bank robbing, I’m the best."

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