John Fury makes purse demand for Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield fights

Tyson Fury 's father John has laid out his price for potential fights with ring legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

Although little is known about John's experience in the ring, the 57-year-old hasn't fought since 1995. He ended his short lived boxing career with a record of 8-4.

'Gypsy John' was knocked out by former champion Henry Akinwande in 1991 and his final fight came four years later when he was stopped by Steve Garber.

Whilst celebrity boxing has been on the rise, the past year has also seen former champions such as Tyson and Holyfield come out of retirement to entertain exhibition bouts with fellow veterans.

And Fury said he will fight any veteran boxer such as Tyson, Holyfield and Riddick Bowe for £1million.

He told Queensbury Promotions : "I'll fight them all, let's talk some dollars. Let's talk some cash, some figures and I will fight but I'm not cheap. If they want to fight John Fury £1 million I'm going to step up to the plate with any of them.

"I'll fight Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson on the same night. If I get knocked spark out, I'm going to do the best I can. There's one thing about John Fury, he's on the front foot all the way if he lasts ten seconds or whatever, you'll see a bit of fun won't you.

"If you can't put up a million quid then don't ring my phone. Because the last thing I've lost is my nuts. I'm training well, I'm in the Derbyshire peak district running five miles every day up mountains.

"I'm doing well, I'm fitter than I was almost twenty year ago and they know that. Ring my phone you boys. Bums need not reply, big boys only."

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Tyson is set to defend his WBC heavyweight title for the first time when he faces Deontay Wilder in a trilogy fight on October 9.

And his father John continued by stating he would give any of the boxing greats a run for their money in the ring.

He said: "Only a quality man can beat John Fury and then he's got his work cut out. But all them quality guys, I'm not knocking them. World champions, credit to the sport, tried and tested. Holyfield, Tyson, [Lennox] Lewis, Riddick Bowe.

"All great men and it'd be an honour for me to share the ring with them. But let me tell you, it's only a fight at the end of the day. I'm in my mid-50s so are they. What they was then, they ain't now and I believe I've got the edge in conditioning.

"Forget about the way I look, I'm as fat as a pig. My son Tyson is, WBC heavyweight champion of the world. Forgot how I look."

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