Frank Warren wants tough Covid vaccine stance from British boxing authorities

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The British Boxing Board of Control cancelled boxing in January to help the NHS.

But if they really wanted to help the health service then why don’t they tell all licence holders – including fighters – in the sport to be vaccinated.

Yes, boxers shouldn’t be avoiding the jab when it comes to Covid-19.

That would certainly help ease the pressure on the NHS.

In December, 61 per cent of patients in critical care units in hospitals were unvaccinated while a report stated one third of Londoners have not had a single jab.

Having spent time in hospital with Covid, I’m speaking from experience when I talk about this.

This is not some baseless chat or scaremongering.

But even from a sporting perspective it would help if more involved in the fight game had their jabs.

Football is a mess at the moment with last-minute postponements and depleted teams being put out. They can easily reschedule, though.

But in boxing if a fight doesn’t happen then everyone loses out. The fighters, the cornermen, the managers, the promoters and more.

We can’t have fights being pulled constantly at the last minute when the sport resumes here in the UK next month.

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Of course, we know that having a vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t get Covid. But it will help reduce the spread.

Then that means less fights are called off. It’s quite simple, really.

We cannot force people to have a vaccine but the BBBofC should tell them they have to have it to be involved unless they have a valid exemption.

The NFL and NBA have been strict in the US on the subject but sports over here have been weak.

BBBofC general secretary Robert Smith said this week they postponed boxing in January as a ‘circuit breaker’.

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But what evidence did the Board have that every other sport didn't think this would help stop the spread or ease pressure on the NHS?

Also let me set the record straight for them – the brilliant medical staff who work ringside are paid to be there outside the hours of their day job.

Boxing is not taking them away from saving lives in hospitals.

But we can help them in their day jobs by ensuring those involved in the sport take their jabs outside of the ring even if they slip them when inside the ropes.

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