Floyd Mayweather will be in no mood for fun and games against Logan Paul when the first bell rings

What to expect of a fight that will have no winner? The outcome will be whatever Floyd Mayweather wants it to be, and that might hurt a lot more than just Logan Paul’s ego.

This Miami extravaganza between a true boxing legend and a social media sensation is live on Sky Sports Box Office on Sunday from midnight – Logan Paul insists this exhibition bout is “a real fight” so he might learn the harsh truth about what that really means.

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There are no judges and nobody’s hand will be officially raised so if you think Mayweather will be content to let this drift and let doubt set in, you haven’t been paying attention to what his 50-fight win streak means to him.

Mayweather has competed in one exhibition of this kind before – there was due to be no official winner when he faced Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan. That hardly mattered when Mayweather clattered Nasukawa around the ring, knocked him down three times and forced the towel to be thrown in to save him in the first round.


Nasukawa was no elite boxer but was at least a professional kickboxer. Logan Paul looks the part but may have talked himself into something above his station.

There have been times where Mayweather’s claws have come out this week.

During their first face-off Mayweather refused to let Logan Paul back away and end their eye contact. It was serious stuff, it was a hardened fighter making it clear who’s in charge.

Those in Mayweather’s inner circle told Sky Sports they have “never seen him that angry” after the “disrespect” of having his hat stolen by Jake Paul.


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The glove size has been lightened to 10oz – “I hit hard,” said Logan Paul, “I think you’re going to see Floyd’s eyes light up, the first time I hit him” to which Mayweather responded: “There’s a difference between YouTube boxing and elite boxing and elite fighters.”

Of course Mayweather is correct and Logan Paul has absolutely no right to even lace his gloves, let alone trade punches with him, but therein lies the intrigue for whatever Sunday night’s event turns out to be.

Surely Logan Paul doesn’t stand a chance? What will Mayweather actually do?

We are assured by those who know Logan Paul that he is no joke. Shannon Briggs, his former trainer, claims: “Be careful. This might not be what you all think it is. The boy can hit.”

And his current trainer Milton Lacroix, even more boldly, says they will out-box Mayweather then make him quit.

“I have a trained a little bit, here and there, not every day,” Mayweather smiled. “But I don’t have to.”


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What is truly at stake in this most bizarre match-up is Mayweather’s credibility. His pristine 50-0 record is the envy of the boxing world and he cannot afford to even take one punch from a mere YouTuber, let alone go the eight-round distance, or he will be reminded about it more often than his true legacy.

For Logan Paul? In the world of online memes and viral sensations his defeat to KSI, a fellow YouTuber in his only previous boxing match, was a setback but the sight of him on his back with a bloodied nose would live forever.

“All I do is visualise. I know what I have to do, I know what it’s going to look like, standing across from Floyd, looking in his eyes,” Logan Paul has said.

The harsh reality is that may have no idea of the pain that awaits from Mayweather’s legendary fists.

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