Chris Eubank Jr is making his own name in the USA

There are two Chris Eubank Jrs – the one you see, and the one you don’t.

The one you do not see is pounding the streets far, far away, sweating in the corner of a gym where fewer people know who he is, where they see the man before the reputation. Where he feels at home, where not so many know his surname.

Eubank Jr has always wanted to make his own name.

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The son of British boxing legend Chris Eubank has always held the United States close to his heart, as his father once did.

Eubank Jr is now basing himself stateside and it suits him – he is entering new territory, with the guidance of Premier Boxing Champions and has carefully honed his skills with selected trainers. Even his father has taken a step back over the past year-and-a-half.

Eubank Jr’s most recent win was his US debut in Brooklyn, New York, in December when his opponent Matt Korobov withdrew injured in the second round. It earned him the WBA interim middleweight title and, he hopes, the attention of WBC champion Jermall Charlo who headlined on the same night.

“He is not a likeable guy,” Eubank Jr said of Charlo. “Some people say I’m arrogant or cocky but I’m a down to earth, decent guy. This guy’s head is in the clouds. He thinks that he’s more than he is.

“I would take great pleasure in taking him down a peg or two.”

The man with a recent slot alongside his father on Gogglebox chose, to some bewilderment in the UK, to relaunch his career in the US where his surname will not open so many doors for him. Why?

Because only with indifference to his family history can Eubank Jr truly prove to himself what he’s made of.

Guess who would jump at the chance of facing @Canelo…

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Four decades ago his father did a similar thing, relocating from a rough upbringing in east London to an even rougher environment in New York to learn a new trade. Eubank Sr’s first four fights were in the US.

Eubank Sr then sent his teenage son, who had lofty ambitions of being a boxer, alone to Las Vegas where his dream might be beaten out of him. Eubank Jr spent lonely months learning that boxing was much harder than his father’s glamorous personality might suggest. He fought his amateur career in the US away from the obsession of being Eubank Sr’s boy becoming a boxer too. To this day he regards the US as his escape.

He currently has access to a private gym in Pensacola, Florida, that belongs to the legendary Roy Jones Jr.

Vegas-based Nate Vasquez told Sky Sports that he expects to remain as his trainer (they have been together for the past two fights albeit with major uncertainty between those occasions).

Quarantine is no excuse to not stay prepared, Eubank Jr exclusively told Sky Sports: “I’ll be in the same position as everyone else, waiting to hear what the next move is. The best thing we fighters can do is be ready.

“Some fighters will use this opportunity to work on things, to improve. There is literally nothing else to do except train at this time.

'Can you smell that?' 🤭@ChrisEubankJr got straight down to business during ‘The Gloves Are Off’ with Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan 👀👇

My lockdown/quarantine is being spent at @royjonesjrofficial private farm & gym in Pensacola, Florida. I’m using this time to work on my craft & add new dimensions to my game. My advice to everyone dealing with the uncertain circumstances we have all been thrown into is this… work on YOU! There may never again in our lifetimes be this much time without distractions to work on, think about, read, write, draw, plan, paint, study, invent, cook or practice anything & everything that you have always wanted to but never had the time. Stay safe & let’s pray everything gets back to normal as quickly as possible 🙏🏽

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“These are the guys that will leave this situation the best.

“Other guys will be disheartened because they don’t know when they are fighting next and their gym has closed. But they need to improvise.

“I know a guy who is hitting pads held by his girlfriend in the garden. I like that, I respect that. Stay active, don’t sit around all day like some people are probably doing.

“I’m lucky to be in a place where I have access to a gym. Then I hope to be back in the ring as soon as possible because I’m ready.”

He is gunning for the major names in the US so if he gets the attention of Gennadiy Golovkin or Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, it will be because he earned it inside the ring, not because of his surname.

“Golovkin is the No 1 name on my list,” he said. “People put this guy’s name so high. But I know I can beat him. I know that I have the tools and the style to take this guy out.

“My speed, my tenacity? I don’t think he would be able to deal with it.

“This is the main fight.

“Canelo? Everybody would love to fight him but he’s not going anywhere. He will be in the game a lot longer. Golovkin will have a couple more big fights then bow out.

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