Boxing fans take to Twitter with hilarious memes after Paul-Mayweather

‘Hugging. We paid to watch two men hugging’: Boxing fans take to Twitter with hilarious memes after watching Logan Paul go the distance with Floyd Mayweather… as some bemoan lack of action in money-spinning exhibition

  • Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul went the full eight-round distance on Sunday
  • The pair have been mocked for ‘hugging’ throughout the fight in Miami, Florida
  • Fans took to Twitter in their thousands to mock the pair with hilarious memes
  • One photoshop image showed them as husband and wife on their wedding day 

Boxing fans took to social media in their droves to post a series of hilarious memes after watching Logan Paul go the distance with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather on Sunday night.

While Paul was celebrating in the aftermath of the fight, some fans were underwhelmed by the lack of action after purchasing the pay-per-view showdown.

Although fight fans got to see the entire eight rounds, many believe the pair ‘just hugged’ throughout, with Mayweather later stating that Paul’s wrestling background made it difficult for him to get his punches in.

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather were mocked up as a loving couple on their wedding day

Fans on social media joked that the pair just hugged for eight rounds in their exhibition bout

A funny picture from the fight of the pair grabbing onto each other went viral on social media

One viewer claimed that fans ‘paid to watch two men hugging’ at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami

And fans were quick to jump on social media to make light of the bout, with one user commenting: ‘Hugging. We paid to watch two men hugging. Not boxing.’

Another mocked the pair up as husband and wife in a wedding photo, while one tweet went viral that depicted the fighters as Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick. 

Elsewhere, one Twitter user mocked up a box of Nappies so that it included a picture of the pair clinging onto each other in the ring, with the words ‘little snugglers’ alongside it.

Other social media fans poked fun at Paul’s sweaty physique after a few rounds of the exhibition bout, with one likening him to a wet rodent, while another used a picture of a tired-looking NBA legend LeBron James.

One Twitter user posted a picture from Spongebob Squarepants to describe the exhibition

Another likened a sweaty Paul to a wet rodent in a tweet immediately after the fight on Sunday

One Twitter user joked that Paul was exhausted using an old picture of LeBron James

Regardless of the social media digs, Mayweather and Paul will likely be laughing on Monday morning given the cash they will have made from their exhibition.

One Twitter user posted a famous previous picture of Mayweather sat at a table covered in dollar bills, alongside the caption: ‘Floyd after hugging Logan for 8 rounds.’

Another posted a snap of Mayweather asleep in a dollar bill sleeping bag, as fans reacted to their money-spinning fight in Miami, Florida. 

Fans poked fun at Mayweather and Paul after they grabbed each other throughout the fight

But the millions they made from the fight is likely to help them sleep easy on Sunday night

Mayweather (pictured previously) and Paul made millions from their pay-per-view showdown

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