Bare-knuckle face-off ends in brawl with bodies flying and stage collapsing

Two bare-knuckle fighters couldn't wait to get into the ring with their face-off ending in a mass brawl as the event's founder stood between the waring opponents.

Lorenzo Hunt and Mike Richman faced-off during a New Mexico press conference ahead of their bare-knuckle boxing fight next month. The pair were involved in the usual war of words with Hunt stating "you can't be that stupid!" while Richman was antagonising him replying "lets go".

Hunt then touched his own cheek inviting Richman to hit him before quickly slapping his opponent. Founder and president of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) David Feldman was in between the opponents and desperately tried to separate the opponents.

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Security guards quickly tried to stop the brawl with all of them losing balance and falling to the floor causing the stage to collapse. Other fighters, who were in attendance at the event, were pushed back and tables turned over as the heated verbal exchange boiled over.

The pair were taking part in the live press conference ahead of Knuckle Manie 3, which is BKFC's marquee February event which takes place annually. Hunt and Richman will meet inside the ring for the BKFC light-heavyweight title on February 17.

Hunt continued his fighting talk on Instagram after the press conference adding: "He who guards his mouth guards his life… that s*** is biblical… Don’t threaten to bite a lion and don’t threaten to slap a juggernaut." Richman kept silent online instead just sharing the heated exchange by retweeting clips.

BKFC president Feldman was praised for his actions by fans online for his attempt to keep the pair separated and made his own statement about the incident.

He added: "It's not something that we want, we don't want these dynamics up here. But at the end of the day you have two guys that are personalities that think they're the baddest man on the planet and don't really like each other.

"Sometimes it's just that this type of thing is going to happen and unfortunately it happened here. But in the same respect it's just a little preview of what you're going to see on February 17 here in the centre of that ring and you are going to find out who the best 185lb bare-knuckle fighter on the planet is here. I think now everybody's hyped up about this thing."


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