Anthony Joshua ready to grab ‘second chance’ against Andy Ruiz Jr

Anthony Joshua aims to grab his latest second chance against Andy Ruiz Junior and save his career.

Joshua remembers standing at a similar crossroads in his life in 2008 when he was facing a possible 10-year jail term.

He spent two weeks on remand for “fighting and other crazy stuff”, as he puts it, before he was spared prison and made to wear a tag.

He used that opportunity to turn his life around by focusing on his fledgling amateur career with Finchley ABC and being tagged taught him discipline.

Joshua’s rematch with Ruiz has given him another second chance and he is determined to seize it.

“When I went into boxing, I was getting into a lot of trouble,” he said. “I had a major court case and I prayed ‘God, if you give me a second chance at life, I will make all the changes in the world’.

“When I beat that court case, I got into boxing and I focussed.

“Now it’s the same thing with Ruiz, I’ve been given a second chance and see what I can do.”

Although he escaped jail in 2008, Joshua still adopted a prison mentality as he ‘sentenced’ himself to 15 years of boxing.

He shut out all the distractions, such as his tearaway mates in Watford, and focused solely on boxing.

“I live boxing, that’s all I do,” he explained. “When I had that second chance at life when I was getting in trouble, I just dedicated myself to boxing.

“I said I would put myself on a 15-year prison sentence to boxing and have that focus.

“When it comes to boxing, I just focus. It meant I could go on longer.

“It’s just a mindset, a prison mindset, like a military mindset, lock-down. Training, focus, sleep. You have to have that mindset. You have to be in that regimen if you want to succeed.”

Joshua, 30, has brought this mindset to his training camp and his sole focus has been beating Ruiz in Diriyah on Saturday to win back his WBA Super, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles and avenge his first shock pro loss.

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