Andy Ruiz Jr’s trainer Manny Robles: I don’t know if working relationship will continue

Manny Robles is still waiting to hear whether he will continue as Andy Ruiz Jr’s trainer.

The former world heavyweight champion who conceded the IBF, WBA and WBO belts back to Anthony Joshua in last month’s rematch is planning his next fight for late-spring, according to Robles who led him through a rollercoaster 2019.

But they have barely communicated since and, asked if he will continue working with Ruiz Jr, Robles told Sky Sports: “I don’t know. That’s for Andy to decide.”

Ruiz Jr apologised to Robles moments after losing his second meeting with Joshua, admitting he was “overweight” and that “partying” had contributed to a below-par preparation having shockingly won the first fight.

Robles, who was visibly frustrated with Ruiz Jr post-fight, now says about their relationship: “I want to say it is still good. He has gone on vacation and everything seems to be fine.

“We’ll find out in the near future. At some point, we will speak.

“If and when he’s ready to come back to the gym, that’s when my job begins. My job is not to call him every day. He’s a man, not a kid, and must be treated as such.

“You can’t convince someone to want something.”

Asked if it was unusual for Ruiz Jr to spend so long away from training, Robles said: “Nothing like this. The fame and money has been overwhelming for Andy. He’s got to know how to handle it. Maybe after this defeat, the game has humbled him.

“Stay humble or be humbled.”

Reflecting on the aftermath of Ruiz Jr’s momentous victory over Joshua in New York, Robles said: “The first three months after beating Joshua on June 1, I had very little communication with him.

“I was in the gym but he was at home, doing his own thing. I wasn’t able to see him or really talk to him.

“I was disappointed by everything leading up to the result [of the rematch]. The preparation. Fights are won in the gym and, when you don’t go into a fight at 100 percent this is what you get.

“It was a lack of time in the gym, too many distractions, and not being focused like I expected him to be. So this is the result that you get.

“He wasn’t prepared for this type of success, fame or money so it could be overwhelming.

“Preparation is key to beating anybody.

Ohhhh I’m about to dive in!!!! 🥽💦

“Every fight has to be the biggest of your life. You’re a warrior, a gladiator. You have to take this very seriously and I don’t care how much money you’re making.”

But Robles insists that he still hopes to lead a reinvigorated Ruiz Jr back to the world title.

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