Anderson accused Bumrah of "cheating" after bouncer barrage, claims Ashwin

India 's dramatic 151 run win over England in the second Test at Lord's had its fair share of needle, with days three, four and five full of heated on-field exchanges between the two sides.

That began late on day three when Jasprit Bumrah targeted England's number 11 James Anderson with a barrage of short balls.

One particular over from Bumrah lasted more than ten minutes as he bowled a total of four no balls and hit Anderson on the helmet.

After the day's play came to an end, Anderson was seen exchanging words with Bumrah and the veteran seamer was clearly unhappy.

In response, England targeted Bumrah with short bowling when he came to into bat on day five.

However, it was the wrong approach from England and allowed Bumrah to share an unbeaten 89-run partnership with Mohammed Shami, which allowed India to declare and go on to win the game.

Now, Indian spinner Ravi Ashwin has recounted exactly what happened between Anderson and Bumrah, recalling the incident alongside India's fielding coach R Sridhar on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Sridhar defended Bumrah's bouncer tactics, saying: "Previously there was this unwritten rule amongst fast bowlers – the fast bowlers club.

"While one is bowling to the other, you shall not bowl bouncers, beamers and extremely quick deliveries. Bowl full ones and get him out, that was the understanding. That club is gone now.

"Now if you bat, I'll bowl fast at you. If you can, you do too mate! That is the kind of attitude now."

Ashwin and Sridhar then explained that Anderson took issue with Bumrah cranking up his pace to bowl at him, accusing him of "cheating".

"The thing was, Jimmy was like, 'Hey mate! Why are you bowling so fast? Am I doing the same to you?'", Ashwin said.

"The beauty about that is, Jimmy had told Boom: 'All these while, you were bowling in the 80mph, suddenly, on seeing me, why are you bowling 90mph?'

Sridhar added: "After the innings, the boys were walking back to the dressing room. Then Bumrah walked past Jimmy and just patted him so as to tell him that it wasn’t intentional.

"We all know Bumrah. He is such a nice guy. So he had gone to talk to him and end the matter, but Jimmy brushed him aside.

"Brushing him aside, he told him, 'You bowled only 85mph to the other batters, but you bowled 90mph to me. This is cheating. I won’t accept it.'"

Ashwin then said: "Maybe he was shaken, getting hit in the helmet is definitely not easy and I empathise with him, but that kind of statement coming from Jimmy was a surprise to me."

Sridhar went on to explain that the clash "brought the team together", adding: "Not that the team wasn’t together before that, it just sparked a fire in everyone. The effect of that was visible on day five."

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