James Gallagher shockingly reveals he quit MMA two weeks before Bellator London

James Gallagher has revealed he almost quit MMA two weeks ago after suffering panic attacks in the gym before his scheduled bout at Bellator London.

The Northern Irishman beat Jeremiah Labiano on points in a performance that never really got going, but Gallagher announced in his post-fight media scrum he pulled out of the fight two weeks ago.

Gallagher wanted to walk away from the sport all together before an intervention from his closest friends, father and coach, John Kavanagh.

‘Two weeks ago I pulled out of the fight. I texted my coach and said ‘I can’t do this anymore’. I had panic attacks in the gym,’ Gallagher said.

‘I didn’t want to fight. I was in a bad, bad place. Pulled out of the fight, didn’t want to be there anymore.

‘And look, I f****** showed up and I f****** did it. They all hammer on about me, none of them have a mindset like me.

‘I pulled out of the fight, I didn’t even want to be here, I didn’t even want to train. I didn’t want to fight ever again.

‘If it wasn’t for Kiefer (Crosbie), John (Kavanagh), my dad… we had private sessions and I had to be helped out of the gym a few days in a row.

‘Panic attacks, getting sick, I couldn’t control myself. Now I’m back and I’m winning. Say what you want. I’m f****** proud of myself.

‘Everyone will say I’ve got a weak mind, I’m broken. I’ve got the strongest f****** mindset in this whole f****** game and I’m going to straight to the top.

‘That performance was a low class performance, nowhere near my best.

‘But from the position I was in two weeks ago, to the position I’m in tonight – f****** cheers.’

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